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  1. Shimla is a hill station that experiences extreme climatic conditions. It is located on lower ranges of Himalayans. It is situated at a height of approx 2213 meters above sea level. Because of this Shimla gets its diverse climatic conditions. As such there is no such ideal time to visit Shimla, because this awesome hill station is one of the most preferred destinations in India at any given time. So the peak season for Shimla travel is all though the year! So one have to decide what is the best time to visit Shima.
    The best time to visit Shimla would be October to November and from March to May. It is advisable not to visit Shimla during monsoons as the place has a history of having landslides in monsoons too much. The roads can get very slippery and it is not a good idea to roam around at this time.
    To visit Shimla One has to reach North India first. The nearest railway station is Kalka which is a town in Panchkula District of Haryana State. Kalka Station is well connected to Delhi & Chandigarh Railway Station. Kalka is 90 kilometers from Shimla. There is narrow gauge train available from Kalka to Shimla & this journey is itself a distinguish Adventure. One can also travel by bus or car. If one want to travel by bus he should leave train at Chandigarh & board bus from there as all the buses which route from kalka to Shimla are coming from Chandigarh So it is difficult to get good seat.
    Kalka to Shimla

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