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“Stephen Lennon, known popularly as Tommy Robinson was arrested on Saturday in the latest act of police harassment against him.

“Tommy has been given numerous warnings by the police that his life is in imminent danger, but instead of arresting the would be murderers, they persecute him for his political views.

“He has been exposed to arrest after arrest and has been driven into danger for his outspoken opposition to Sharia.

“His organisation, the EDL, the English Defence League has been responsible for exposing the sexual grooming of girls across the UK. The suffering of these poor children had apparently been ignored, due to the British stance of the ruling ideology of political correctness. The powers that be do not seem to be happy about this.

“Tommy’s arrest comes at a time that the BBC, that bastion of left-wing political power and propaganda in the UK is mired in its own paedophile cover up scandal.

“British Freedom Chairman, Paul Weston, concerned about the former co-Vice Chairman of his Party enquired of him at the prison, where he was thought to be held. He too was arrested and taken into custody.

“Those that rule the British state are now out of control. All pretence that the British are a free people is ending. How many dissidents will be rounded up on the flimsiest, trumped up charges in the newly emerging British police state?

“Please join me in a moment of silence for the people of that imprisoned island.”

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