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Peter Hocus Pocus and the Kincora Old Boys must make it clear this is totally out of the question. What is more, all the “Unionist parties” must make it clear any visit by the Antichrist will be resisted with total opposition. Meaning they will do their utmost to bring the whole country to a standstill in order to thwart any Antichrist incursion.

Welcoming “a modern day Nimrod” is not PROGRESS!

Only the most spiritually darkened of individuals see the Papacy as a “good thing.”  The individual who is proposing this visit knows very well the whole proposition is likely to increase tension.

I would expect the so-called “Unionist” parties in the Belfast council to issue their 40,000 leaflets again as they did at the outset of the “flag dispute.”

There was a time when no one would have ever dreamed that the Antichrist would be allowed to visit N.Ireland, however…

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